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    ACES uses leading edge Infrared Technology to help you find the elusive Field Tiles.

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    ACES provides farmers with the best tool to understand where stress may be occurring in real time. Contact an ACES Professional for help getting a handle on your crop's stress!

Coverage Areas:
Northern Iowa



What is ACES?

ACES is a specialized crop scouting service program developed specifically for farming operations.  The goal of ACES is to provide real-time information to the farmer. With this information, the expectation is each farmer will be more profitable by reducing input costs throughout the growing season.

What services does ACES Provide?

ACES can provide a comprehensive aerial image package of fields when it means the most. This package includes Infrared and Digital images. These images are then used by the farmer along with software to scout the fields.

INFRARED: Infrared photos alert the farmer to pay special attention to “suspect” areas. These aerial images give an entirely new view of crop temperatures and areas of concern. The thermal image provides 1-meter resolution. Thermal cameras measure the energy emitted by the plants to produce infrared images, which are then processed to apply scaling showing the variations in the covered area.

Digital Photographs: The ACES team provides a color aerial photograph with a 24-megapixel digital camera to check for interference from clouds. These photographs are taken at the same time as the Infrared Images. Each set of images are provided 10 to 14 days apart, starting at planting and continuing throughout the growing season. As the growing season progresses, the digital images provide a great field perspective not usually seen.